Process Vessels

We provide effective insulation to meets all requirements of the process in terms of preserving heat and cold of process vessels, pipes and tanks.



Pharmaceutical insulation applications design and installation. We specialise in high quality clean insulation services for pharmaceutical environments.



We deliver external and internal insulation systems for construction industry to meet all the requirements of the building safety regulations.



We are specialist in thermal insulation for petrochemical and chemical environments. We provide insulation solutions that meet latest standards.


industrial insulation specialists

Industrial Insulation Specialists

  • Process Vessels, Tanks.
  • Pharmaceutical Environment.
  • Petrochemical Environment.
  • Construction Industry.
  • Cold Pipe Insulation Services.
  • Hot Pipe Insulation Services.

About Us

Welcome to Ins-Spec Industrial Insulation Specialists Limited. We specialise and provide insulation and cladding services in the areas of pharmaceutical, petrochemical and construction industry. 

We deliver the most suitable insulation solutions with highest standards for our customer needs. Ins-Spec Insulations is the preferred insulation maintenance contractor in Munster, Connaught and in the greater Leinster area.